How to Add Music to Instagram: A Simple Guide for Non-Available Songs

Wondering how to add tunes to your Instagram posts and stories that aren’t available there? Worry no more! We’ll show you the easy way to do it. Read on!

Instagram offers a library of music tracks. But what if the one you want isn’t there? No problem – just use third-party apps or websites. Customize and add your favorite song to your content with ease.

Plus, some apps offer extra features like trimming length or adding effects. Create visuals with a great soundtrack that will stand out.

Pro Tip: Before using any external sources for music, make sure you have all the rights and permissions. Respect copyright laws and give credit where it’s due.

Time to show your creativity with the perfect soundtracks! Make your Instagram posts and stories unique with music that speaks to you.

Why can’t you add music that is not available on Instagram?

Can’t add music not available on Instagram? That’s because the app has a limited library of songs that are cleared to use. This stops copyright violations and protects the artists’ rights.

Users can’t upload personal tracks or copyrighted songs without permission, which restricts some creativity – but helps avoid legal issues.

Instagram partnered with music labels to give users a wide range of tracks. So that they can offer diverse music without infringing any copyrights.

When adding music to posts, explore the library within the app. Find tracks to match your desired mood or style, while complying with Instagram’s guidelines.

Surprisingly, as of 2021, Instagram offers over one million licensed songs from popular catalogs like Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

How to add music that is not available on Instagram:

Welcome to the digital era, where Instagram is a top platform for posting pics and videos! But what if your favorite music isn’t included in Instagram’s library? No problem! Follow these simple steps to add music to your posts & stories.

  1. Convert the music file into MP3 or M4A – easy with online tools.
  2. Use audio editing software/app to trim and edit the music to the max 60-second limit.
  3. Transfer to mobile device with USB cable or cloud storage like Dropbox/Google Drive.
  4. Download a video editing app to combine music & video/photo.
  5. Open Instagram and select “Add Post” or “Add Story.” Choose the edited video/photo with added music track. You’re done!

Don’t miss the trend. Add music to your Instagram posts & stories to be one step ahead. Unleash your creativity and make an impression with unique soundtracks. Let your imagination run wild!

Tips and precautions for adding music that is not available on Instagram

Adding music to your Instagram posts can make them even more engaging. But, what if the song you want isn’t on Instagram’s music library?

Here’s what you should know:

  1. Licensing Restrictions: Make sure you have the rights to use the music. If not, you could get in trouble.
  2. Create Original Music: If you can’t find any song, make your own or collaborate with an artist.
  3. Use Royalty-Free Music: There are websites where you can get royalty-free music.
  4. Edit the Audio: You can also edit an existing song to make it fit your content. Be careful with copyrights.
  5. Seek Permission: Try reaching out to the artist, label, or copyright holder for permission.

My friend Jack is a great example. He wanted to add an indie track to his Instagram story but couldn’t find it. He contacted the artist and got permission! It’s possible to get the rights you need if you make an effort.

Always follow Instagram’s guidelines and respect intellectual property rights. Let your creativity flow!


Do you want to add some musical flair to your Instagram post? You may think it’s impossible, but there are ways!

You could use a video editing app or software to add music to your videos. Then, you can upload it to Instagram.

Or, make use of Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature and the ‘Music Sticker’. You’ll find a selection of songs to choose from.

Still not what you want? Then, check out royalty-free music libraries. You’ll find lots of tracks to use without infringing copyright laws.

I know a content creator who wanted to post 80s synth-pop music on Instagram stories. But, her favorite songs weren’t available. Instead, she used a video editing app to make visually captivating videos with those tracks. Her followers appreciated the nostalgic feel of her posts.

Remember, if you encounter limitations when trying to include unavailable music in your Instagram posts, search for alternative options. Use creative ways to bring unique sounds to your audience.

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