Como colocar uma música no Instagram que não tem: passo a passo

Heading: Introduction to adding music to Instagram

Music is a great way to add fun to our lives. Instagram provides a platform to share our favorite tunes with others. To make our posts stand out, we can add music to them! Here’s how:

  • Selecting the right audio: Pick the perfect audio for your content. The right soundtrack can set the mood and boost your post’s impact.
  • Using Instagram’s library: Instagram has a big library of popular songs. Just tap ‘Music’ while creating a story or editing an existing one, and browse genres & categories to find the best track.
  • Adding music from other apps: If you need a song not available on Instagram, use third-party apps like Spotify or SoundCloud. Play the song in the background then upload it to Instagram.
  • Customizing music settings: After selecting the music, customize its playback settings. Choose a section or chorus, adjust the volume, and decide if you want it as background music or sticker.

Adding music to your posts helps people connect with your emotions. Follow these steps and start adding music now. It’ll make your posts memorable and bring joy to others!

Heading: Method 1 – Using the Instagram Music feature

To easily add a song to your Instagram post when the feature is missing, follow Method 1 – Using the Instagram Music feature. This section will explain how this feature works, highlighting the benefits of using it for your posts.

Sub-Heading: Explaining how the Instagram Music feature works

The Instagram Music feature is a great way to enhance posts with tunes! Select tracks from the library and add a personal touch to your content. Music helps boost creativity and engage followers. It also offers customization options, giving users control over which parts of the song they want to include in posts. This helps make the visual and audio content synchronized and captivating.

Plus, artists can use this feature to showcase their work and connect with fans. Share snippets of your latest songs or use it to promote upcoming releases. This helps build a connection between artists and their audience.

For instance, Lil Nas X’s hit song “Old Town Road” rose to fame after it went viral on TikTok. Users created dance videos with the track, which spread across social media platforms, including Instagram. The ability to include the song in Instagram posts helped make it one of the biggest hits of 2019.

Heading: Method 2 – Using third-party apps to add music to Instagram

To add music to Instagram when it’s not available directly, use third-party apps. These apps offer solutions for adding music to enhance your Instagram posts. Discussing popular third-party apps for adding music will help you choose the right one for your needs. Let’s explore these options together.

Sub-heading: Discussing popular third-party apps for adding music

Third-party apps make it easy to jazz up your Instagram posts with cool music. Personalize your soundtracks to fit the look and feel of your content. Let’s explore some popular third-party apps to get your Instagram game going!

Here is a table of top third-party apps for adding music to Instagram:

App Name Features Compatibility
Spotify Millions of songs, playlists, recommendations iOS, Android
Lomotif Create short music vids with editing options iOS, Android
Triller Automatic editing tools, video effects iOS, Android
InShot Music from your library or their collection iOS, Android
TikTok Popular songs, sound effects iOS, Android

Plus more in app stores! Each one has unique features and compatibility. Find the one that best fits your preference.

Pro Tip: Before selecting a third-party app for music, check if it meets your creativity vision and has a user-friendly interface. This will help you add captivating soundtracks to your posts while keeping a consistent aesthetic.

Heading: Tips and tricks for adding music to Instagram

To enhance your Instagram posts with engaging music, utilize these tips and tricks. Discover the perfect music by following our recommendations and also learn how to select the right music that complements your content seamlessly. With our solutions for adding music to Instagram, captivate your audience with catchy tunes and amplify your visual storytelling.

Sub-heading: Providing recommendations for finding the perfect music

Trying to pick the right music for Instagram posts can be tricky, but no need to fear! Here’s some help.

  • Look at the hashtags related to music. This will tell you what tunes are currently popular.
  • Check out the Instagram Explore page. It often features different music posts, which is a great way to find new tunes and artists.
  • Follow music-related accounts and influencers. Their posts will give you ideas for your own content.
  • Use apps like Shazam or SoundHound. These can identify songs playing around you, so you can find new tracks to use.
  • Make playlists on streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Curate your own collection of songs that fit your style.

Also, use various types of music depending on the post. For lively moments, go with upbeat songs. And for more introspective posts, select calming melodies.

Don’t forget to experiment with different songs and see what your audience responds to. Keep an eye on views and comments to see which tunes work best.

Now, it’s time to discover the perfect soundtrack. Get exploring!

Sub-heading: Explaining how to choose the right music for your content

Choosing the perfect music for your Insta content can improve the experience for viewers. With so many options, selecting the right track is key. Here’s a 4-step guide:

  1. Know Your Audience: Consider what your target audience would enjoy. Are they young and upbeat or more mature?
  2. Match the Mood: What emotion are you trying to convey? Lively and energetic or relaxed and peaceful? Music should fit the emotion.
  3. Research Musical Styles: Get familiar with genres that match your content theme. For fitness, upbeat pop or dance tracks could work. For travel footage, ambient or instrumental songs.
  4. Use Copyright-Free Music: To avoid legal issues, opt for copyright-free or royalty-free music. Many platforms have free music libraries with high-quality tracks. Plus, certain apps and editing software have licensed music specifically for social media. These can save time and integrate visuals with audio.

Pro Tip: Experiment with visuals & music to discover styles that resonate with viewers. The right musical choice can captivate and leave a lasting impression!

Heading: Conclusion and final thoughts on adding music to Instagram

Enhancing your Instagram posts with music can make them more captivating and evocative. Respect copyright laws and consider obtaining the proper licenses. Use Instagram’s Music Sticker or Stories to add music. Engage with followers by asking for song suggestions or hosting polls. Music should complement, not overshadow, posts. If you encounter difficulties adding music, try alternative methods. Don’t hesitate – explore musical elements and give followers an audiovisual experience they won’t want to miss!

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